How to encourage more meaningful conversations with your kids

How to have meaningful conversations with children is a hot topic. There is a growing recognition of the importance in helping young children begin to understand and discuss emotions and how this can, in turn, help develop a greater sense of self and enhance their social awareness.

Whilst we might all recognise the value in talking to our kids and creating an open environment in which to do so, everyday life so often gets in the way. Reducing the time or opportunity for any meaningful interaction. It can feel daunting to tackle something as big and important as your child’s emotions and perhaps the biggest challenge is knowing where to start.

I found myself in exactly this situation – overwhelmed by a work/life balancing act, starring two (now 3!) wonderful and exhausting kids. Worried about how little I was actually talking to them (rather than simply barking instructions.) I felt compelled to try and change things. To create something (a prop I guess), that could be used to begin conversations and encourage some thinking and talking. Based around everyday life but from a slightly different perspective. And so I developed an Alphabet of Emotions - an A to Z of positive feelings featuring illustrations of animals with attitude!