Personalised Positivity name prints


Positivity name prints! These name prints have a positive attitude or emotion wrapped into each letter, making them a brilliantly inspiring and personal print to add to your walls or as a gift to a loved one - a little dose of positivity and sunshine! These prints make a perfect newborn, Christening or birthday gift for all ages - I love seeing the combination of positivity and personality that each name spells out! My daughter has been giving these to her friends for birthdays and I've loved watching her pick the words for the letters she feels best describe each friend - such a sweet gift.

I use a mix of colours to create these prints (see the colour swatch in the images to see them all) but if there are any colours shown you'd prefer not to include in your print please just make a note when ordering.

The personalised names are stacked as shown in the images and where there is room I try and include a sun (quarter or a half depending on space!). I can even include a date in there if you like (see pics). If you'd prefer not to have the sun, or would rather just have a special date, just let me know. Each print is unique and layouts will vary depending on the letter combinations, so there may be some variation in relation to the images shown, but if you have any questions I'm always happy to help!

Here is the list of emotions and attitudes for each letter you can choose from - please list the ones you'd like to use when you order - if there is a totally different word you'd like to use instead to make it more personal that's absolutely fine - just make a note!

A (Adventurous, Ambitious, Affectionate, Accepting, Appreciative), B (Brave, Bold, Beloved, Beautiful, Bright), C (Curious, Courageous, Creative, Caring, Calm, Confident, Carefree), (Determined, Dependable, Driven, Dreamer, Devoted), (Empathetic, Extraordinary, Enthusiastic, Explorer, Empowered, Endearing, Eager), (Fearless, Fierce, Feisty, Formidable, Fun, Funny, Fantastic, Fabulous, Friendly), G (Gentle, Grateful, Generous, Giving, Good-natured, Graceful), H (Helpful, Honest, Hopeful, Happy), I (Inventive, Imaginative, Invincible, Intrepid, Inspiring), J (Joyful, Jubilant), K (Kind, Knowledgeable), L (Listener, Loyal, Loving, Lucky), M (Mindful, Marvellous, Magnificent, Magical, Mischievous), N (Nurturing, Noble, Natural, Naughty), O (Optimistic, Open-minded, Original, Open-hearted), P (Patient, Playful, Positive), Q (Quirky), R (Resilient, Reliable, Respectful), S (Sharing, Strong, Serene, Smiley, Supportive), T (Thoughtful, Terrific, Tenacious, Thankful, Trustworthy, Trusting), U (Unique, Uplifting, Understanding), V (Versatile, Vivacious, Valiant, Vibrant, Virtuous), W (Willing, Wonderful, Wondrous), X (eXciting), Y (You, Yourself), Z (Zealous, Zany, Zestful) 

Printed on luxury 310gsm lightly textured stock. Your print will be sealed in a cello bag with backing board for support then wrapped in tissue paper and sent in a hard backed envelope. Please note prints are unframed (if you need framing advice do get in touch!)

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Customer Reviews

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Helen McCulloch
Too fabulous!

I ordered a print for my daughter's birthday and asked for something a little bit different from the choosing words to match every letter of her name. The customer service was excellent, making sure in a very kindly and supportive way, that I really wanted what I had asked for. When the print arrived, it was quite simply, beautiful. I know it will be something my daughter treasures and we look forward to it becoming an heirloom. I will be ordering more prints for family and friends birthdays at every opportunity, quirky, cool and unique. Fabulous in fact!

Beautiful print

I had this personalised print made for my daughter as a gift and being able to choose the words that best describes her made the print even more special. The attention to detail and the print quality are fantastic. We live it!