Perfectly Imperfect PEACE decoration
Perfectly Imperfect PEACE decoration
Perfectly Imperfect PEACE decoration
Perfectly Imperfect PEACE decoration

Perfectly Imperfect PEACE decoration

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The same beautiful wooden decorations with a little added character!

These decorations have been listed as 'perfectly imperfect' for some of the following reasons; the natural grain of the wood is showing in an obvious way (perhaps through the lettering or on one of the coloured areas), there might be slight scorch marks which have been gained through the laser cutting process (if these are on colour-free areas I've found these can be sanded off with ease using fine grade sandpaper), slight discolouration of the coloured areas or perhaps tiny flecks of colour missing.

I've included a wide range shot so you can see as many of them as possible with a variety of the character marks mentioned, and if you hover over the image you should be able to zoom in and see close up. I've added a close up shot too plus one hanging on the tree - this was taken at fairly close range (about 1/2 metre) to help give you an idea and context.

Your order will be selected - lucky-dip style - from this collection and will come with the same gold thread threat. They will not come wrapped individually (unless you buy just one!) - the total order will be wrapped together. Please note these are sold as per the description and images and will not be refundable or returnable - please take a really close look and check you're happy 😊 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kelly Broome

Absolutely love the perfectly imperfect decorations. They are beautiful, and so unusual. Had my eye in them for a while. Would highly recommend! x

Peace Bird

A beautiful decoration

fran gibson

Lovely 💖💕

Emma Abbott

I bought a number of Christmas cards with the Peace/Hope/Shine bright decorations for family at Christmas. I loved them so much that I bought a few of the imperfect decorations for our tree, could hardly see the imperfections. Can't wait to hang them again next Christmas.

Nicola Critchlow-Barker
Perfectly imperfect

Lovely little decorations, couldn’t see their imperfections at all, but wouldn’t have minded if I could have.